Woza Camera Kit

Safety Dave



Safety Dave Woza Camera Kit - The perfect heavy duty system for your caravan camera connection! Instead of having to reach around and find your small camera lead you can now have one big removeable one between your vehicle and trailer!

The WOZA cable provides easy connection between vehicles and trailers. It carries audio, video and power and is available as 1 or 2 channel. Mounting brackets are also included to mount the connectors on the drawbar and vehicle.

This kit includes:

  • x1 curly Woza cable
  • x1 Woza to 4 Pin adapter (Monitor Side)
  • X1 Woze to 4 pin adapter (Camera Side)
  • Galvanised brackets for mounting adapters 
SKU: AFTSAF0041 TAGS: accessory, camera, towing

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