Swift Dual Gas/Electric Hot Water System



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Swift Dual Gas/Electric Hot Water System for RVs

  • 28 Litre Hot water Capacity
  • High Temperature Delivery
  • Dual fuel, Gas and/or Electric Operation
  • No Out Door Switches
  • All Connections from outside, no chance of leaks inside from system connections
  • High Capacity Delivery
  • Facia available in white or Black
  • Stainless Steel tank
  • Tubular Anode
  • Voltage Gas 12volt DC, Electric 1000watt 4.2Amp
  • Dimensions
    • Unit 545mm(L) x 385mm(W) x 363mm(H)
    • Cut out 330-340mm(W) x 320-325mm(H)
    • Minimum depth required is 550mm
  • Heating Element 240V AC 50Hz 1kW
  • Ignition 12V DC 
  • Dry weight 5 kg 
  • Pressure Relief Valve. 500kPa 
  • Maximum inlet water pressure 400kPa
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