Dometic Midi Heke



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The Dometic Midi Heki light is the perfect addition to your RV. With a large 700 x 500 mm opening, it allows you to enjoy the natural light and fresh air. Its white edged double acrylic glazed dome and separately adjustable darkening and fly screens make it easy to customize your experience.

- Large opening to let in the fresh air and light 
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens  
- White edged double acrylic glazed dome 
- Open and close the dome via push-up bar 
- Opens to 3 positions: fully open, half open and bad weather
- LED lights featuring day light white and night light blue 


- Required cutout: 700 x 500mm 
- External dimensions: 846 x 617mm 
- Mounting kit suits roofs 43-52mm thick
- Weight: 8kg 
- Opening angle: 45° (max)

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