Reading Light 12V Cool White LED Frilly Swivel Chart

Dream Lighting



These lights are designed with conspicuous metal finish which adds a modern feel to the van or boat. They are built with a durable swivel joint which provides a flexible lighting direction while driving on the bumpy road.  Plus the soft and even beam,  these lights are designed to be used as a permanent lighting fixture.

Operating voltage: 12V DC

 Advanced LED technology to avoid any flickering, humming and RF interference

-- Swivel wide-angle illumination 


Brand: Dream Lighting

Model: 0012185C

Voltage Range: 10-15 Volts

Current Type: DC(Direct Current)

Amp Draw at 13.4 volts: 150mA

Power Consumption 2 Watts

Lumens: 110lm

Shell Colour: Silver & Black

Lighting colour: Cool White

Colour Temperature:6000-6500K

Base Material:Coated Steel

Dimensions (LxWxH): 90x70mm

Mounting: Surface mount

Warranty: 12 Months

SKU: AFTPOW0012185C-B TAGS: lighting, led, reading, 12v

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