STRUCKET - 19L Strainer Bucket with Lid




This has a hundred different uses. 

soak. agitate. strain. drain. store. clean. wash. water saver!

The Strucket is just like a regular bucket but better. Combining the functionality of a strainer with a laundry-grade bucket, the Strucket now lets you soak, separate and drain without ever having to touch any yucky, toxic, grimy, dirty, chemical-filled water again!

Soak, Strain and Drain.

Perfect for sensitive skin, the Strucket allows you to easily soak, separate and drain with our patented, world-first interlocking strainer and plug system.

Your hands never, ever touch dirty (or smelly) water!

great for getting the kids to do the dishes outside when you are camping!

listing is for bucket strainer and lid.

2 colours available Aqua or sand

Lids available on their own - just ask!

SKU: AFTBUDSTR-005 TAGS: clean up, soak, drain, storage, water saver

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