Camec Wheel Chocks (single)




Plastic, antislip chock and ramps.  

*Purchase 2 for a pair*

Two sets of wheel level and chock has superior strength and allows an additional ramp to clip into the side of the first, making it suitable for dual wheeled vehicles. It levels out your vehicle and prevents the wheel from sinking into soft ground.

  • Level ramp has a solid base which means that it will not sink into soft ground

  • Wheel Chock locks into ridges of the Level Ramp and secures the wheel safely in place

  • Anti-Slip plate clips onto the leading edge of the level ramp

  • Manufactured from tough polypropylene plastic for superior strength

  • Kit includes level, chock and anti-slip plate, carry bag

  • Level ramp dimensions: 520mm (l) x 200mm (w) x 125mm (h)

  • Chock dimension: 150mm (l) x 120mm (w) x 100mm (h)

  • Max weight: 5 tonne

Shipping size: 150mm x 120mm x 100mm

Shipping weight: 1kg (each set)

SKU: AFTCAM040652 TAGS: chocks, Chocks, blocks and levelling

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