Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel



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Latest model Optitec V3 includes:

  • remote control
  • Two Cables
  • Operator Manual
  • Warranty


The easiest way to shift your caravan, boat trailer or any other type of trailer is with the Optitec V3 Remote Control Jockey Wheel. Simply attach it to the drawbar clamp, plug in the 12-volt power and just press the wireless remote control buttons. With the ability to accurately manoeuvre and turn some of the largest tandem axle vans in their own length, there's so much that this powerful machine can do for you. The Optitec V3 is completely portable weighing only 22 kilograms and it can support a tow ball weight of 350 kilograms.

  • Motor capacity: 12V DC, 50A (60A peaks).
  • Operating Speed: 8 metres per minute (approx).
  • Weight: 22kg.
  • Dimensions: 326 x 220 x 760mm.
  • Incline Rating: Depends on trailer weight.
  • Recommended max weight: 3500kg.
  • Maximum loaded weight: 350kg (towball weight).
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 50 metres.
  • Remote Control Frequency: Aust Standards compliance.
  • Dynamic Braking: Motor Stops and holds immediately.
  • Protection Systems: Overload cutout, over temperature cutout.
  • Protection Systems: Motor under voltage protection.
  • Padlocking Lug: Securely lock the machine to prevent theft.
  • Serial Number: Each machine has it's own individual ID.

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