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1. Optitec Double Clamp Bracket - 150mm

Large heavy duty double clamp to suit 150mm chassis of caravans or trailers.

(Alternatively: use OW-15 for 50mm x 150mm chassis)

OW-6 Double Clamp Bracket fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 150mm

This includes:

  • Two clamps and attaching fittings
  • Clamp mounting plate
  • Chassis mounting "U" Bolts (150mm)
  • A must for weight over 1500Kg

2. Optitec Compact Double Clamp Bracket - 150mm

The OW-15 Compact Double Clamp Bracket fits a chassis drawbar of 50mm x 150mm so it's ideal for the biggest caravans.

These Compact Clamps are only 140mm wide so they can be mounted anywhere on the chassis and are perfect for Caravans using the Weight Distribution Bars.

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